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Women are faced with so many challenges: dealing with work life, home life, and raising children. And included in that mix is being married. Marriages are difficult to deal with and even more difficult when there is no trust, when infidelity exists, and when there is insecurity.

I have experienced firsthand how difficult marriage can be. After being married for many years and then divorced, I still remember the hurt, the pain and the disrespect that I dealt with. I also still remember how scared I was when the thoughts of being alone and raising my children alone overwhelmed me. But I knew I was not in a healthy situation and that I had to leave. And somehow, I gathered the strength and did what I knew needed to be done. Enough was enough.

I wrote this poem during one of my lowest period:

Face beaten, mind broke,
How many beatings must a sister take?
You say you love her, but then you hurt her.
Is this for real, or is it a mistake?
You use a knife to threaten her life,
You use a gun to make her numb,
She is tired of crying, she is tired of pleading,
Is there no end to his life of a clown?
Face beaten, mind broke,
Gather your strength sister,
You can make it on your own!

I have since moved on with my life, but I know there are many women who are in the situation that I was in. Many who believe they cannot do it alone. Many who are scared. But it gets better. I have realized that the strength and determination that I have gained from this experience need to be shared with other women. I believe they need to hear that there is nothing to be ashamed of; that the experience has made them no less; and that if I did it they can do it too!

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